Taboo Relics Mug Release: The Grand Bouquet

Today 11/5/2022, at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, Taboo Relics is releasing their mug 'The Grand Bouquet. 101 mugs will be available, and are ready to ship.The price is $200. You can use the code TIKIMUGS5 to save $5 at

This project has been a huge milestone for Taboo Relics, and was a passion project as a dream mug. They wanted the vivid colors, and distinct features that are evocative of paradise, and the matte exterior that showcases the softness of the flowers. It's a traditional theme with a completely non-traditional design, with a bold, dramatic edge. Each mug will include a Hibiscus umbrella from The Tiny Umbrella!

Taboo Relics, a two person team, is based in Orlando, FL and make ceramic exotica decor and mugs.

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